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Self-Serve RTB

Full control - Simply and Easy to use.

Segments Targeted

22,000 segments to target audience.

Contextual Targeted

350+ primary categories to choose from.

Geo Targeted

248 countries, 40 languages, zip codes for USA.


14 different banner sizes.

Customer Support

A range of customer services to assist you.


Create your campaigns, as many as you need.

Full Reports

Chose exactly as you want them.

and more...

Bring Lost Visitors Back To Your Site!
show ads to people who search a keyword or phrase relevant to your product/service.
Target Visitors From competition Sites!
Behavioral Targeting - a technology identifying the target audience, by observing the behavior of network users. When used correctly, it is an effective marketing tool.
Remarketing - marketing, which is used in a falling demand. Remarketing is a task-based recovery in demand, rethinking previously used marketing approach.

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